Category: Raleighites

Making music: Raleigh’s instrument restorers keep the town in tune

by Corbie Hill photographs by Lissa Gotwals Violins are made to be repaired. Their tops aren’t flush to their sides, like a guitar’s. Instead, those tops are designed to be removed, so violins can be tended to over multi-hundred-year lifespans….

Triple threat: B Corps thrive in Raleigh

by Alex Granados photographs by Travis Long In bustling downtown Raleigh, a different kind of business person is rising. He or she is an entrepreneur, and while profit is his or her driving force, social good is too. These folks combine…

Coffee community

by Tina Haver Currin photographs by Travis Long A city growing as fast as ours is fueled by ideas, enthusiasm, and investment. A little caffeine doesn’t hurt, either. And now we’ve got it with a lot of local flavor, thanks to a…

On a global stage: A day in the life of the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

by Liza Roberts photographs by Chris Fowler When 1,700 museum professionals from 30 countries gather this month at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for the prestigious global Association of Science-Technology Centers convention, these international scientists, researchers and educators will…