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Back to her roots: Lauren Kennedy ‘This is my future’

by Liza Roberts photographs by Lissa Gotwals When Broadway star Lauren Kennedy was growing up in Raleigh, she put in her time doing wholesome-kid things like catching salamanders in the creek near her house, and playing games like freeze tag with her…

Cow to cone: Raleigh’s own ice cream

by Ann Brooke Raynal photographs by Juli Leonard As drivers whiz down I-40, heading into Raleigh, a glance to the right will reveal a green swath, vivid evidence that the region’s agricultural roots are alive and well. Thanks to miles of farmland…

Colin Clarke’s world-class soccer

by Lewis Beale photographs by Geoff Wood Colin Clarke is used to thinking big. This is no huge surprise, since the coach of the Carolina RailHawks has played in England’s first division, and for Northern Ireland in the World Cup….

Redesigning Raleigh: Limitless possibilities

by J. Michael Welton photographs by Travis Dove In the 1950s, Raleigh’s visionary design community redefined the way we saw our city architecturally. Today, local designers are at it again, turning their attention not just to buildings, but to consumer…