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Our Town Spotlight: Peter Lamb and the Wolves

“Peter is such a dynamic player. So kinetic, always in motion like a boxer, weaving and punching.” –Dave Tilley, music producer, about band Peter Lamb & the Wolves by David Menconi photographs by Geoff Wood It’s fitting that Peter Lamb and…

Our Town Spotlight: Tactile Workshop

Sense of Place Tactile’s hands-on design approach by Jessie Ammons photographs by Geoff Wood “There’s nothing sitting in here that’s finished,” says Courtney Evans, co-founder and director of design at Tactile Workshop, a design and fabrication shop in Raleigh. That’s…

Our Town Spotlight: Treehouses

Happiness Among the Trees by Rebecca Guenard photographs by Juli Leonard Perched out of reach, a treehouse evokes mystery, seclusion, a place apart where a child can dream up an adventure. It’s a castle on the hill, the Shire, an…

Our Town Spotlight: Project CATCH

CATCHing on Supporting vital work for homeless children by Jessie Ammons photographs by Juli Leonard “There are misconceptions about what homelessness is,” says Traci Farmer, a local artist and hairdresser who serves on the board of the nonprofit Project CATCH….