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New Seasons

by Mimi Montgomery So – it’s spring, the start of a new season, once-dormant life now re-germinating in earnest, blinding calves emerging from shorts with startling enthusiasm. Whether you be flora or human, it’s hard not to to be joyful while…

Tally Ho!

by P. Gaye Tapp

photographs by Geoff Wood

Phyllis Brookshire: Equestrienne

A passion pursued by Liza Roberts photographs by Nick Pironio When Phyllis York Brookshire rides her American Saddlebred into the ring at the North Carolina State Championship Charity Horse Show this month, she’ll take him through the five gaits that make…

Rasslin’ up a good time

G.O.U.G.E. puts on a show by Billy Warden photographs by Nick Pironio Making people mad enough to scream at you – in person, not on social media – is hard work. But I was willing to give it a go. In the…