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Chris and Beth Collier sit in hide-covered swivel chairs they designed; beyond lies their open dining room and kitchen.

The world of vanCollier

The hospital’s second floor – which once housed patients, a delivery room, and a nurses’ station – became home. by Liza Roberts photographs by Catherine Nguyen It takes a visionary to dream up things that don’t exist and make them real. It takes courage to believe in the unlikely, invest in it […]

Gretchen, Phil, and Connor Kowalczyk with family dog Max.

Making dreams come true

The Kowalczyks open up their home to help make a difference in the lives of children in Wake County by Jesma Reynolds interior photographs by Catherine Nguyen event photographs by Jillian Clark When Gretchen and Phil Kowalczyk moved in to their new raleigh home last fall, they knew its elegant, light-filled rooms would […]

Sterling Boyd sits in his living room, where works of art from the 16th–20th centuries fill the walls.

A Collector’s Haven: Sterling Boyd’s home reflects a lifetime in the arts

by P. Gaye Tapp photographs by Catherine Nguyen An afternoon spent in Sterling Boyd’s company is a return to days of great elegance. The erudite octogenarian is ever gracious, schooled in the day when a gentleman took a lady’s wrap and stood when she entered a room. Boyd defies his years […]

North Carolina’s Executive Mansion

North Carolina’s Executive Mansion

by Liza Roberts photographs by Catherine Nguyen Living above the store is a good way to ensure working around the clock. Even when “the store” is a gorgeous 1891 Queen Anne Victorian mansion set on nearly five lush acres, there’s an essential need to get away. But for Governor Pat and […]

The 13 trees of Christmas

The 13 trees of Christmas

by Liza Roberts photographs by Carla and Kristopher Williams Christmas time at Donna and Kirk Preiss’s house is a fairy tale – an enchanting story with 1,500 characters. Each is an ornament on one of the Preiss’s 13 Christmas trees, and each has a story of its own. Collected in […]