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A little spot of her own

by Jesma Reynolds photographs by Catherine Nguyen A Cameron Park homeowner with a gypsy spirit and eastern North Carolina roots lives an artful and enchanted bungalow life  If it’s true that the supreme art is the art of living, then Cameron Park is…

That’s some asparagus: Rohdea japonica

by Tony Avent illustration by Ippy Patterson I first became enamored with Rohdea japonica back around the time President Richard Nixon uttered that immortal line, “I am not a crook.”  As I was always on the lookout for new plants…

Southern maidenhair fern

by Tony Avent illustration by Ippy Patterson I’m not sure why gardeners are so attracted to maidenhair ferns, but odds are the plant’s romantic common name – which aptly describes its dainty foliage – has something to do with it….

Gingerbread cottage

by Jesma Reynolds photographs by Mark Petko Christmas is a big deal in the White household. Living in what is commonly known as “the gingerbread cottage” on White Oak Road, John and Ashley White and their sons John and Jack…