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Style: Spring tablescapes

by Jesma Reynolds photographs by Catherine Nguyen Spring has sprung. It’s a fine time to pull out china, silver, linens, and accessories from the cupboard to create a spring tablescape for entertaining at home. We pulled together three looks to inspire….

Bird’s-Foot Violet

by Tony Avent illustration by Ippy Patterson At some time in most gardeners’ lives, they become enchanted with violets. Some with well-behaving violets, and others with the less-stellar members of the clan. I, for one, have always had a tenuous…

Foetid Toadshade

by Tony Avent illustration by Ippy Patterson I don’t remember exactly when or why I became enamored with trilliums, but it was certainly at an early stage of my planthood…I mean, childhood. There always seemed to be something magical about…

Bringing in the outdoors

by Jesma Reynolds photographs by Catherine Nguyen Anyone who’s gone through purchasing a home knows what a big and sometimes agonizing decision it can be. But when the current owners of this gracious property caught wind of its upcoming sale, the wife’s…