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The Right Mix: The Cardinal

“We want to do one thing well and that’s it. We’re not trying to be a restaurant or anything,” says Jason Howard, one of the three owner-founders of The Cardinal, a low-key bar on West Street near Glenwood South. But…

Sweet thing: lucettegrace

by Liza Roberts photographs by Keith Isaacs The macarons have their own fan club. Pink and blue and green and red and purple and toffee-hued, half a dozen varieties beckon like jewels from the cabinet at the downtown pastry shop lucettegrace….

The Right Mix

by Jessie Ammons photograph by Elizabeth Galecke “It’s a lot to take in, I know. We have a ton to offer on tap,” says Heather Ward, co-owner of Red Line Beer and Wine. Behind her, a ceiling-to-bartop chalkboard lists 24 current draft…

Smoke Signal

by Jessie Ammons photographs by Keith Isaacs The idea began, as many do, over two stiff drinks. “My partner, Mike Thor, and I were at one of the best whiskey bars in town, Foundation,” says Jeff Mickel, co-founder of downtown’s Whiskey Kitchen….

Turn on the Light

by Mimi Montgomery photographs by Keith Isaacs If you walk down Hargett Street past The Architect bar, you may notice a single green light glowing above its door. It’s not a relic from a bygone era or an homage to The Great…