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El cardenal

by Liza Roberts photographs by Nick Pironio Craig Rudewicz stirred up his first batch of bitters behind the bar he managed at Little Hen restaurant in Apex a few years ago. Inspired by the cinnamon and clove flavors of the…

Let’s get fizzy

by Mimi Montgomery photographs by Kelsey Hanrahan David and Lily Ballance have been in the local restaurant and bar scene for over 20 years. Their resume is peppered with familiar names like Five Star and White Collar Crime, and they helped to…

Switch it up

by Kevin Barrett photographs by Nick Pironio Happy Holidays. It’s the time of year to eat, drink, spend too much money, then go on a diet, join a gym, detox your liver, and make resolutions to save more and spend less….

Punch for the in-laws

by Kevin Barrett illustrations by Amy Richards Let’s cut to the chase, mostly because I couldn’t think of an opening to this article. It’s Thanksgiving. I can’t help you with the food. That’s for the men and women who don’t mind burning…

Defiant drinking

by David Burris illustration by Tim Lee I don’t know much about whiskey, but I know one thing: It is good. Whiskey has inspired writers, musicians, and artists to strive for greatness. It has kept bridegrooms even-keeled before the altar….