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Duane Raver: Illustrating Wildlife

Duane Raver: Illustrating Wildlife

by Liza Roberts photographs by Nick Pironio Down a pebbly road, in a wood-framed studio in a rural corner of Garner, wildlife artist Duane Raver is perfecting a swan. Its wings stretch across his canvas, feathers precise in number, formation, and color. The brush he uses to define them is tiny, and […]

Spotlight: Tutu School  – Sharing the magic

Spotlight: Tutu School – Sharing the magic

by Jessie Ammons photographs by Missy McLamb At Tutu School Raleigh, enchantment is par for the course. “I believe in that experience that I have when I’m dancing, in sharing something – movement, music, storytelling – with an audience that’s magical,” says Lara O’Brien Muñoz, principal dancer with the Carolina Ballet. […]

Courtesy Shaw University

Spotlight: Shaw at 150

by Jessie Ammons Eight months after the end of the Civil War in 1865, former Union soldier Henry Martin Tupper used his army earnings to found Shaw University, the first university for freedmen in the South. A century and a half later, what was once a small but mighty Baptist […]

Leonardo da Vinci, Codex Leicester (Sheet 7B: folios 7v & 30r), 1508–10, ink on paper, 11 2/3 x 17 in., Courtesy of Bill Gates, © 1994 bgC3

Spotlight: The original renaissance man

by Mimi Montgomery Not many of us ponder things such as the movement of water, the surface of the moon, or why the sky is blue. Then again, none of us are Leonardo da Vinci. Get a glimpse into the ever-curious mind of the Renaissance artist, scientist, and philosopher at […]

Spotlight: Holder Goods & Crafts

Spotlight: Holder Goods & Crafts

Quality, not quantity by Mimi Montgomery photographs by Miller Taylor Raleigh natives Sam and Meredith Kirkpatrick are bringing new life to downtown’s South Street with Holder Goods & Crafts, a new space for art, home goods, furniture, and antiques. Together with creative director Bryan Costello, they’ve created a store filled […]