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David Burris: Telling stories

David Burris: Telling stories

by Samantha Thompson Hatem photography by Nick Pironio Everyone should have Raleigh native David Burris’ knack for remaking his career every decade or so and landing a new dream job. This time, Burris, a former executive producer of TV reality show Survivor and guitarist in North Carolina bands The Veldt and […]

We couldn’t resist having some fun with our entrepreneurs at Marbles Museum’s lemonade stand.

Mothers of invention

by Samantha Thompson Hatem photographs by Tim Lytvinenko Functional style  When Kirsten Schambra Stevens had visions of creating a catch-all handbag, she wasn’t necessarily thinking of a diaper bag.  But as a mother of two small children, she knew just how essential a big, boxy, stuff-just-about-anything-in-it bag was to surviving daily […]

Art romp

Art romp

As I conducted a recent art romp around the Triangle, I was dazzled by the superlative exhibitions being presented all at the same time. Why go to New York or Washington for the big museum shows when we have such riches right here? Miró: The Experience of Seeing is showing […]

Settle Monroe works with her students Meg Hardesty and Maddison Wooten.

The power of writing

by Settle Monroe I was in the fourth grade when a local writer visited our classroom for a week. She came to teach us about the life of a writer, effective literary techniques, and even some of her secret tricks. I remember watching her walk around the classroom as she […]

from left, RFAS charter members Matilda Parker, Betty Fitzgerald, Peggy Nowell, Charlotte Creech, Karin Stephens, Marion Church, Ann Walker, Sue Jenkins, Peg Fisher, and Martha Zaytoun.

Raleigh Fine Arts Society at 50

by Marion Church, President, Raleigh Fine Arts Society photograph by Jillian Clark As the Raleigh Fine Arts Society welcomes our 50th year, we have thriving organization and a vibrant local arts culture to celebrate. Since 1964, when we began putting on exhibits of local artists in a library basement, RFAS has […]