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Let There be Light

NCMA opens its largest special exhibition to date NCMA’s special exhibition space that is usually home to five shows has been taken over by one. Beginning April 7, you can experience You Are Here: Light, Color, and Sound Experiences, an…

Margaret Bowland at CAM

Portraitist Margaret Bowland on her debut at CAM “Iwas born in Burlington, North Carolina and then I went to UNC-Chapel Hill. At that point in time, the figure was sort of forbidden in formal art education. It broke my heart….


by James Hatfield
photographs by Gus Samarco

Thinking Big

Enloe hosts student-run TEDx Two ambitious teens want to foster positive dialogue at their high school. Enloe Magnet High School hosts its own TEDx conference this month featuring 13 speakers, a mix of students and community leaders, who will share…

Major Matrons

NCMA Matrons of the Arts