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Sally Edwards, President of Marbles Kids Museum and avid cyclist.

Off duty: Sally Edwards

photograph by Travis Long “When I’m on a trail, I unplug completely. It sets my mind free. My imagination goes wild. And that’s what I try to create at Marbles, too: A place for kids’ imaginations to run wild.” –Sally Edwards, President of Marbles Kids Museum and avid cyclist. As a […]

Sumit Vohra, CEO and "Chief Drinking Officer" of Lonerider Brewing Company in Raleigh

Game plan: St. Paddy’s Run Green 8K

photograph by Travis Long “On March 7 there’s a kilt run in downtown Raleigh. I’ll be buying a Lonerider kilt and running in it. The largest training plan is to secure the kilt; I probably won’t run for very long. It’s going to be a blast.” – Sumit Vohra, CEO & […]

Rich Powell, foreground, draws a quick sketch of former MAD Magazine editor, Nick Meglin, far right, as fellow cartoonists Jack Pittman, background left, and Dwane Powell wait for the results during a regular lunch gathering at Vic's Italian Restaurant in City Market.

The usual: Vic’s Ristorante Italiano

photograph by Travis Long “Hi there! Who needs eyeballs, bleeding or otherwise?” Sculptor Joel Haas hollers and throws a bag of plastic painted eyeballs at the table of cartoonists. “We usually talk about Dwane’s bad table manners,” says Nick Meglin, ringleader of a group of cartoonists who have been meeting for […]

Goldsmith Lauren Ramirez at Quercus Studio in downtown Raleigh

Shop local: Quercus Studio

photograph by Travis Long “When you walk in, you smell whatever I’m burning with the torch. You see what’s going on and hear it and smell it; it’s a full experience. It’s a space to see objects created. What is it? My studio, my workspace. But it’s open to the […]

Walter Author Series with Frances Mayes

Walter Author Series with Frances Mayes

A very special luncheon with New York Times bestselling author Frances Mayes at the Umstead Hotel & Spa.